Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has had his first taste of driving Mercedes’ 2020 car during a shakedown at Silverstone.

Hamilton got behind the wheel of Mercedes’ W11 challenger for his first laps in the German manufacturer’s latest car, which the reigning world champion squad launched on Friday morning at the British Grand Prix venue.

The six-time world champion’s run came after teammate Valtteri Bottas had debuted the W11 earlier on Friday, with the pair splitting driving duties to conduct one of Mercedes’ two permitted filming days throughout the season.

Hamilton is chasing yet more F1 records in 2020, most notably matching Michael Schumacher’s tally of seven world championship titles and the German’s wins record.

Speaking ahead of his first outing in the car which he could make yet more F1 history in, Hamilton explained: “At this time of year you don’t really feel the pressure, it’s about having some fun.

“You are focused but it’s really about enjoying the moment. The guys have worked so hard to put the car together and there’s only two of us that get to drive it, so it’s pretty incredible.

“This is my eight year at the team and the buzz is the same every year. Everyone couldn’t be more excited, enthusiastic, or driven.

“I would say the most impressive thing is that because we’ve had the success, it would be quite easy for them to be laid back.

“Everyone is super focused, there’s been so much work that’s been done in the background to make sure that today runs smoothly and I think everyone is excited at this stage, refreshed, revamped and ready for the challenge that is ahead.”

Hamilton was spotted wearing his new purple helmet livery which he revealed on social media earlier this week. 



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