Racing Point Formula 1 technical director Andrew Green says the team’s 2020 car is “very promising” and is confident of a strong season. 

The Silverstone-based squad impressed in pre-season testing at Barcelona with its controversial RP20 - which has been heavily influenced by the aerodynamic philosophy pioneered by Mercedes with its 2019 title-winning W10 car - and is aiming to cement itself at the front of the midfield pack this year. 

Sergio Perez described Racing Point’s latest contender as the best he has had in his career and Green said the team is satisfied with how the car’s on-track performance reflected the predicted results in the wind tunnel. 

“I’d be lying if I said we weren’t happy with where we are, we are happy,” Green said. 

"The level of performance that we’re seeing from the car is - It’s sort of as we expected after we got the data out of the tunnel. 

“We got it in the simulator when the drivers drove the car a couple of weeks ago they were massively enthusiastic about it. 

“They were prepared for what was to come, we were just unsure whether we’re going to realise the full potential of what we’re seeing in the simulation work. 

“Everything that we’ve seen so far suggests that we’ve transferred across from the model size to the full size. 

"We’re just trying to get the best we can out of the package we’ve got and then I think we’ll see where we are in the first few races. It’s very promising, that’s for sure.” 

Green explained that Racing Point’s approach was influenced by the upcoming regulation overhaul for 2021 and knowing it was imperative to have a strong start to the year so it could switch focus to next year early on. 

“That was always the strategy, to come out of the box fast,” Green added. 

“Because we knew that the rest of the year was going to be very challenging with the next year regulations so we had to come out fast. 

“We couldn’t do a slow start and look to upgrade the car and build up the speed of the car through the season as we did last year, that’s not going to be possible at all. 

“It was really, really important that we gave ourselves a good foundation to go racing. There will be a couple of upgrades for this car, then it’s done we’re on to next year.”