Leading McLaren Formula 1 personnel, including race director Andrea Stella have remained in Melbourne to support quarantined staff following the cancelled Australian Grand Prix. 

McLaren pulled out of the planned season-opener in Australia after a member of the team tested positive for coronavirus, which ultimately led to the event being called off. 14 members of the Woking squad’s crew were placed into a 14-day self-isolation period as a precautionary measure. 

On Monday, McLaren confirmed the team member who contracted COVID-19 has since recovered from the flu-like virus and is no longer showing symptoms, while the remainder of the quarantined staff are receiving support in Melbourne. 

“It’s great to see how the entire team stuck together in these difficult hours, helping and supporting each other,” Seidl said. 

“I especially want to thank not only my leadership team, who showed their character and coolness under pressure, but people throughout the team who focused on their jobs quietly and efficiently and helped make a difficult situation easier to manage.

“I also want to recognise our team members who have had to stay in Melbourne under quarantine at the moment. This is not an easy situation. 

“Special thanks to our racing director Andrea Stella and his guys, who volunteered to stay Down Under for the next 14 days supporting our guys in quarantine.

“When I talk about our team members, I also want to thank our two great drivers, Carlos and Lando, who have been obviously concerned about their team-mates. 

“We have to keep them physically away from the rest of the team, even though they are both fine, but they are in constant communication.”

Seidl also praised the “spirit of F1” after rival teams helped McLaren’s pack up effort as it prepared to leave Melbourne following its withdrawal. 

"We also appreciate our fellow teams in the paddock who offered immediate help on Friday to dismantle the garage and pack the freight, which was obviously a challenge for us missing 14 of our core guys,” he explained. “This is the spirit of F1 and racing we all embrace.

“I stayed in Melbourne for a few days to support the team but I’m back in Europe now to work with Zak and my leadership on planning how we operate in the weeks ahead, but we already decided the travelling race team definitely stays away from factory for two weeks as a precautionary measure.”



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