Carlos Sainz says his rivalry with Daniel Ricciardo during 2019 was “a bit exaggerated” by Netflix in the second season of its Formula 1 documentary. 

The pair featured heavily during the third episode of the second season of Netlix’s F1 fly-on-the-wall series Drive to Survive, which documented the fight between McLaren and Renault to come out on top of the midfield fight.

McLaren ultimately prevailed to fourth spot in the constructors’ championship ahead of Renault, with Sainz triumphing in the particular fights featured at the Azerbaijan and Spanish rounds.

The Spaniard felt the depiction of the rivalry was blown out of proportion, although he believes Netflix has done a good job in boosting interest in F1, especially in the United States.

“It was good I enjoyed it,” Sainz said when asked about the latest season of Drive to Survive.

“The rivalry with Daniel was a bit exaggerated, but at the same time for our US fans, the amount of people that are coming to me to say how thrilled they were with the episodes and how thrilled they are with the program, I think is making a great effect in F1. 

“So they sometimes exaggerate a bit the rivalry I still welcome it and I think is a great thing for F1, and why not dramatise everything a bit further, I think it is fine.” 

Earlier this year, Ricciardo said he felt the documentary series had helped put F1 “on the map” in the US.

"I definitely feel F1 is becoming much more of a thing here in the States. Drive to Survive put it on the map," Ricciardo explained.

"I spend a bit of time in the States, and up until a year ago, not really anyone would say 'Hi' to me - not in a bad way, but they wouldn't recognise me for being an F1 driver.

"And now it's all: 'We saw you on Netflix, it was great, Drive to Survive.' We wear helmets, so not many people can see our faces a lot of the time. Putting a face to a name, that helped.”