Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has compared life in lockdown to the situation animals face while trapped in captivity and urged his followers to boycott zoos and circuses.

The six-time world champion drew the comparison amid the United Kingdom’s current period of lockdown and strict social distancing measures enforced due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a story post on his Instagram account, Hamilton shared images of a panda in a zoo enclosure and asked his 14.9million followers to consider how animals feel in captivity.

“If you are home on lockdown, perhaps you can feel a little of what the animals in captivity go through everyday, their entires lives stopped from them,” he said.

“In future, please don’t go to any zoos or circuses because this is what our money goes to supporting. #nomorezoos #freedom.”

Hamilton is often outspoken in his views and has regularly been an advocate for positive change and pushed the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as sharing his concerns about animal welfare and the environment.

The 35-year-old Briton visited the Wires Wildlife Rescue centre in Australia at the start of March to help raise awareness following the deadly bushfires which recently ravaged Australia.

Hamilton recently observed a precautionary 14-day self-isolation period after coming into close contact with actor Idris Elba - who recently revealed he had tested positive for coronavirus - at an event earlier this month.

Hamilton did not take a test following the advice of his doctor and stressed he had “zero symptoms” of COVID-19, having started the self isolation on the eve of the cancelled Australian Grand Prix.



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