McLaren CEO Zak Brown has challenged Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Mattia Binotto to release all details about its secret arrangement with the FIA over its 2019 engine.

Ferrari found itself at the subject of controversy following pre-season testing at Barcelona after it was announced that the Italian team had reached a private settlement with the FIA regarding an investigation into how it had operated its power unit during the 2019 campaign.

Despite suspicion and anger over the settlement from rival teams, the FIA was unable to find conclusive proof that any rules had been broken, though it conceded it had doubts over the legality of Ferrari’s power unit.

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While FIA president Jean Todt has volunteered to release full details about the case, final approval has yet to have been provided by Ferrari.

Speaking during a video conference call to F1 media, Brown said: “I’m all for having ethical duties, and, along the line of ethics, I think it would be great if Mattia would share with us, as the FIA volunteered to share, what the details were behind the secret agreement that they came to over the alleged breach of regulations around their engines.

“While we’re on the topic of ethics and transparency, I think that would be a good point and time well served.

“I think everyone in this sport has a right to be able to be competitive. [I am] absolutely not hiding from the fact that part of this process is that people want to be in F1 to be able to compete, to have a chance to win.”

Brown also accused Ferrari of "living in denial" over F1's finances amid efforts to try and further reduce the planned budget cap to help ease the strain on teams in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Ferrari has so far opposed to such a move.