The 2020 British Grand Prix has run into yet more difficulties after reports Silverstone organisers are at loggerheads with F1 bosses over the fee to host the spectator-less races.

Provisionally the British Grand Prix is primed to host rounds three and four of the 2020 F1 season on back-to-back July 19 and July 26 weekends, just two weeks after the much-delayed season is due to begin in Austria.

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However, having seemingly cleared some of the hurdles needed to get around the UK government’s imposing of quarantine restrictions in the wake of the coronavirus, the event has now run into more difficulty over financial disagreements.

According to BBC, citing anonymous sources from Silverstone itself, F1 bosses believes the venue is making ‘unreasonable demands’ for money needed to host the two events.

F1 has reportedly offered to cover costs of the event at a tune of £15m so Silverstone does not lose out from not having any ticket paying spectators present, plus track costs incurred for holding two races.

"Silverstone and F1 remain in close dialogue with each other and the relevant authorities to try to make a British Grand Prix happen behind closed doors," a Silverstone spokesperson said.

The British Grand Prix often ends the season as the best-attended event and faces to lose out more than most from the lack of fee-paying fans.

However, the BBC adds teams have expressed concerns over Silverstone’s stance over the high fee it wants, even if it has lowered it in recent days.

Either way, F1 is running out of time to strike an agreement with Silverstone as it busily prepares its new calendar, which will see the season begin in Europe – most likely including Hungaroring and Monza following – plus a potential return to the likes of Hockenheim, Imola and Jerez.

It will then heading on to Eurasia, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East when it hopes the coronavirus situation will have eased enough to allow spectators.