Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Ferrari’s claims that engine-related technical directives have affected all Formula 1 teams is “another bullshit story”.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto admitted ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix that the team has lost performance since FIA technical directives were introduced in 2019 and 2020.

The clarifications - aimed at clamping down on fuel-flow manipulation and burning oil for performance gains - were issued after Ferrari enjoyed a run of qualifying domination in the second half of the 2019 season, which rose suspicion among its rivals.

Wolff said it is “ironic” that Mercedes has taken a performance leap in engine performance this year after coming under so much pressure from Ferrari in 2019.

Asked whether the technical directives had any impact on Mercedes, Wolff replied: “Another complete bullshit story, technical directives.

“There's a clear regulation on power units. There have been clarifications in Austin, what is allowed to do or not, which were important, but nothing that was in any way surprising because if you comply to the regulations that was anyway clear.

"I think the irony of the story is that we were pushed by some of our competitors to absolutely new levels. It brought us to almost burnout last year, to develop and innovate in a way to be competitive on track.

"And here we go, I think we made a substantial jump in performance from 2019 to 2020. Because we needed to last year, and that is a little bit ironic for me.”

Wolff was also critical of Mercedes’ rivals for speaking out and suggesting they are ready to sign F1’s new Concorde Agreement, adding they are making themselves “a laughing stock”.

"I don't know why some of the other teams made those ridiculous commentary, that they're ready to sign and that it seems to be some competitors that are not," he said.

"They make themselves a laughing stock with those comments in the public. Negotiations should be taking place behind closed doors, without running commentary from competitors.

"And in that respect, we're talking to Liberty, we are keen in staying in F1. There are some clauses which bother us a little bit, but nothing that can't be solved."



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