Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel believe a potential ban on Formula 1 ‘qualifying modes’ could end up benefitting the team.

The FIA is intending to outlaw the high-performance engine settings used in qualifying and the race and force teams to use the same ICE modes throughout the weekend.

Such a move is expected to be implemented for the entire 2021 season but could be imposed as soon as the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of this month, and is likely to rein in the Mercedes-powered teams.

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Ferrari has lagged behind its rivals in terms of engine performance and straightline speed ever since an FIA technical directive was issued over the winter, after the Scuderia reached a controversial private settlement with the FIA regarding the use of its 2019 power unit which came under scrutiny. 

“To be honest, on our side I don’t think it will affect us so much, I think it can only be positive for us,” Leclerc explained during Thursday’s press conference ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

"How much will it be beneficial? It’s still to be seen but for us, I can say we don’t have anything different from quali to the race so for us it won’t change anything.”

Vettel echoed his Ferrari teammate’s comments, adding the ban is “probably not the best news” for some of the Italian outfit’s rivals.

“As Charles says it doesn’t affect us this season so let’s wait and see what happens,” Vettel explained. “I think it always depends on what you’re able to pull off.

“I guess If you have something developed or in your engine that you can probably run a certain amount of mileage with more power or stress on the engine then probably not the best news but from where we are right now as what Charles said, it doesn’t affect us.”

Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen also confirmed Ferrari has not made such modes avaliable to its customer teams for this season.