Daniel Ricciardo hopes Renault’s performance struggles at the Spanish Grand Prix will prove to be an “anomaly” for the 2020 Formula 1 season. 

For the first time this season, Renault failed to score points after Ricciardo and teammate Estaban Ocon missed out on the top-10 in last Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix. 

Despite feeling improvements from its upgraded RS20 during back-to-back races at Silverstone, Ricciardo could only finish 11th in Barcelona, with Ocon down in 13th. 

But the Australian hopes Renault can bounce back at the upcoming rounds at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza given the high-speed nature of the two tracks should play to the strengths of the Enstone outfit’s package. 

“I certainly hope this weekend was a bit of an anomaly, a bit of an Achilles’ heel for us,” Ricciardo said after the race in Barcelona. 

“Everyone is so familiar with this [Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya] track, and to find something extra is challenging, but we have had good pace all year, and this did not quite correlate to that. So hopefully it is a one off. 

“We will obviously try and learn from it, and hopefully come Spa and Monza, these are tracks where we normally are pretty strong on. We should have a better run and put this one behind us.” 

Asked if he feels the team’s progress has been evident since pre-season, Ricciardo replied: “I’m still convinced the car is improved and better, and I’m still convinced that we can be a points car every other weekend. 

“Even in qualifying if we had that extra half a tenth, we start in the points and we probably would’ve finished there. 

“So we have just got to be perfect, and that goes on to us drivers as well. We can’t put a foot wrong because this midfield battle is so so tight.

"There was maybe a little bit there that we missed, but we'll have a look and try and figure out our mistakes, and do better in two weeks' time,” Ricciardo added. 

"It's a shame when with both cars you finish, but no points. I certainly feel it was a little bit more tricky for us round here than Silverstone, I think everyone else was more competitive, and it's a track that everyone knows so well.

“That already makes it a bit difficult in itself, finding that extra tenth. I think Spa could be better, you can overtake and have a bit more fun than around here.

"It's one of those tracks where it's a bit frustrating, you get close to another car and have a bit more pace, but it is hard and you lose grip from the tyres and downforce.

"I saw a chunk of points in front of me, we were all closing up to Vettel, but a little too late."



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