Team motorhomes have returned to the Formula 1 paddock for this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, with paddock restrictions slightly eased.

The change coincides with each F1 team being allowed to have 10 extra personnel in the paddock from this weekend’s race at Spa-Francorchamps.

The motorhomes which have been a regular feature of the paddock at European events for a number of years were banned due to the strict COVID-19 protocols implemented for the 2020 season in a bid to reduce the amount of staff at each grand prix.

It was agreed prior to the start of the delayed campaign that teams would be restricted to just 80 people for the behind-closed-door events, with motorhomes being replaced by temporary facilities provided by the circuits and a central catering provider.

A total of 60 people are permitted for the operation of the car, while the remaining 20 team staff were made up of drivers, management, physios and PR/marketing personnel. An increased number of 90 has now been formally approved and added to the sporting regulations.

Following the first six races of the campaign, the teams have agreed to return to using their own hospitality facilities and provide their own catering service amid a slight easing of the previous restrictions.

Concerns had also been raised about the higher cost of renting the temporary units and outside catering service compared to using their own.

Each team is now permitted to use their motorhomes for this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix and the upcoming European events in Italy, Germany and Portugal.

The World Motor Sport Council has also approved some flexibility into the tyre allocation provided by supplier Pirelli.

For the opening eight races of the season it was agreed that all drivers would have the same allocation of eight softs of the red-walled Softs, three sets of the yellow-walled Medium, and two sets of the white-walled Hard compound.

This rule has now been tweaked to allow for some alteration if it is determined by the FIA and has agreement of the supplier.

A ban on the testing of older-spec F1 machinery at venues which have been added to this year’s calendar due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has also been officially ratified.



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