Christian Horner has all but ruled out swapping Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon between the Red Bull and AlphaTauri Formula 1 teams, adding it “wouldn’t make sense”.

Gasly has been linked with a possible return to Red Bull following a brilliant start to the 2020 season which included a shock victory at the Italian Grand Prix, while Albon has so far been unable to match teammate Max Verstappen at the senior team.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Tuscan Grand Prix, Horner confirmed a final decision on Red Bull’s 2021 line-up will be made later in the year but stressed the team’s current focus lies with addressing the performance issues with its RB16 car.

"Pierre has done a fantastic job," Horner said.

"Since taking the step back into what was Toro Rosso, he's found his confidence, he's driving incredibly well. AlphaTauri are doing a great job with him. It's good to see that's working out for him.

"I think as far as Red Bull Racing's seats are confirmed, we're focused on Alex Albon. We want to try and give him the best opportunity to retain that seat.

"It wouldn't make sense to switch the drivers back. AlphaTauri is now a sister team rather than a junior team. Franz [Tost] is happy I believe with Pierre.

"The final decision will be made later in the year, but there's no push from our side to reverse the situation.

"We want to address some of the issues we have with the RB16, which I think we are starting to understand and get on top of, and then we'll go from there."

Responding to a question regarding his comment about AlphaTauri now being a sister team to Red Bull instead of a junior team, Horner explained: "Their aspirations are beyond where Toro Rosso's were.

"We have a synergy project within the regulations that we're allowed. For example, the sharing of the windtunnel will happen for the first time next year, which makes complete sense from a financial perspective.

"That's what I was referring to. From a talent pool, Red Bull has invested in so many young drivers over the years. That will continue."



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