Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel believes Formula 1’s plan to introduce reverse-grid races would be “wrong in the name of sport”.

F1 boss Ross Brawn is determined to introduce sprint races based on the reverse world championship order to replace qualifying sessions at some events next year, having already seen the proposal rejected by teams in 2019 and again earlier this year.

Under the new Concorde Agreement, new ideas can be pushed through into the regulations with the agreement of only eight of the 10 teams, as opposed to previously requiring unanimity.

Following Pierre Gasly’s shock win for AlphaTauri and a surprise podium made up of no Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari drivers at the Italian Grand Prix, Brawn indicated that he would attempt to revive the reverse grid race proposal.

"I think it's completely wrong," Vettel said.

"If you are pushing in that direction it's a testimony that you have failed to come up with regulations and tools that bring the field more together and make racing better on track.

"I mean, a reminder, we had new front wing regulations which cost everybody a fortune, but ultimately haven't changed much in terms of racing.”

Plans to trial reverse-grid races at some events this year were opposed by Mercedes, and team boss Toto Wolff remains against the idea, arguing they would reduce F1 to a “show” similar to WWE.

Vettel stressed that such radical changes to try and improve the show are not needed with an overhaul to the technical regulations already on the horizon.

"The hopes are on 2022, I guess, for the regulation changes,” he explained. “But I think we need to fix that and address the main points, rather than try to play the lottery.

"I think it's just against the element of sport and competition, so as a competitor, I think as much as I don't like other people to win, I have to accept if other people win, or do a better job.

"Therefore, I think it would be wrong in the name of sport to try and mix things up that way."



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