Lewis Hamilton has promised there is plenty more to come from him after equalling Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of Formula 1 victories. 

Hamilton’s triumph at the Eifel Grand Prix saw him claim the 91st victory of his F1 career, moving him level with Schumacher’s benchmark of wins that had stood unrivalled for 14 years. 

Breaking the win record now seems inevitable for Hamilton, who is on course to match Schumacher’s other milestone of seven world championship titles this year, having pulled 69 points clear of Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas with six races to go. 

Despite his achievements, Hamilton insists he can still improve as he admitted he finds it hard to comprehend that he is beginning to “rewrite history” in F1. 

“I think it’s really hard to suddenly [think I’m] rewriting history, I think that’s a very very hard idea for me personally,” Hamilton said.

“I can only speak for my experience, it’s really hard to compute that and put it into reality and meaning. Of course I’ve looked at, and still watch, other people who compete in other sports who are legends, chasing historic moments, titles, records, that were broken by other legends in the past. 

"It’s different watching it from the outside to being in it, but what I can say is I’m not done yet. I still feel like I’m able to improve, and am still driving at a really good level.” 

But what matters more to Hamilton than numbers is his overall lasting legacy and impact, not only inside the car but also out of it with his continued anti-racism stance and push for greater diversity in motorsport. 

“Honestly I think what’s been really clear to me is yes it is great having these wins but the more important things are what you do out of the car,” he explained.

“I think that’s really where I thin the impact can really be made in terms of wanting to be remembered. I’ve never really wanted to be remembered other than to my family, but these results, the journey I’ve had with my fans, hopefully they will remember me. 

“I think all of you would want to be remembered for being a good human being and someone who actually cared for the world and did what they did with great intentions, and that’s all. I don’t think of any other way. 

“It’s not the most important thing for me to be remembered as the greatest or the best as I said because I have so much respect for all those drivers in the past. 

“I don’t feel like I need to compare myself to them as I’m different. And we’re all different and unique in our own way.”