Racing Point technical director Andrew Green is confident the team can help Sebastian Vettel get “back to his best again” when he joins Aston Martin for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Vettel will join the Racing Point squad next year when it rebrands to Aston Martin, replacing Sergio Perez in the Silverstone outfit’s line-up alongside Lance Stroll in the Lawrence Stroll-owned team.

The four-time world champion has suffered a noticeable form dip over the last 18 months and is enduring a torrid campaign with Ferrari, who told the German earlier this year that he would not be retained for 2021, with the Scuderia instead opting to sign Carlos Sainz.

But Green believes the Racing Point team will help Vettel turn things around and rediscover his previous stellar form that saw him claim four successive world titles with Red Bull between 2010 and 2014.

“I don’t know exactly what is causing him problems with the Ferrari, we’re not privileged to that sort of information, but I’m confident that we can get Seb back to his best again,” Green said.

“I think he needs a bit of love, which is something he’s probably not getting at the moment. He’s a multiple world champion - you don’t forget how to drive the car.

“I think we’ve got the capability, with the tools we have and the people we have, to give him a car that he can drive again, be comfortable with and get his mind in the right place. Then it’ll just come back again –I’m absolutely confident that we can get him there.

“I’m thoroughly looking forward to it as well - it’s going to be a really exciting time. I can’t wait for him to set foot in the factory next year.”

Vettel confirmed at the Eifel Grand Prix that he has acquired a shareholding in Aston Martin ahead of his move to the team next season, though he would not disclose any specific details.

"I think everybody's free to do what they want with their money," Vettel explained. "And as I know, Aston Martin is a public company, and everyone is free to invest in the company.

”So if you're asking whether I have shares in the company, I have, but how much I think it's a secondary thing, and I won't talk about it.

“I think I believe in the project. I’ve decided obviously to go with the project and I'm excited to see what happens when we kick off next year. And I'm starting for a new team."



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