Max Verstappen says his radio comments at Formula 1’s Portuguese Grand Prix were “never meant to hurt anyone” but admitted the words he used were “not correct”.

A collision with Racing Point driver Lance Stroll at Turn 1 during second practice for the Portuguese Grand Prix sparked an angry radio outburst from Verstappen, with the Red Bull driver saying: “Is this f****** guy blind? What the f*** is wrong with him? Jesus Christ. What a ******. I have damage. What a mongol. I swear.”

Verstappen faced criticised for the words he used and said it was “not my problem” if people had taken offence to the language he used.

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Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, the Dutchman admitted his choice of words was “not correct”.

“First of all I never intended to offend anyone,” Verstappen said. "That’s never what I wanted.

“It happened in the heat of the moment and when you are driving at such speeds, things like that can happen. I don’t say that the words I chose are the right ones, I know that they are not correct.”

But Verstappen stressed he feels such clashes between drivers are often blown out of proportion.

“I was swearing at Lance but of course I saw him straight after,” he explained.

“That’s how racing drivers are as well, we can be angry at each other but within five minutes talking to each other and look each other in the eyes it’s forgotten.

“I think sometimes things get a bit heated up from the outside. I never meant to hurt anyone in particular.

“I don't think they need to make it bigger than it is. I also know that is was not correct. But I cannot change that. But of course, you learn from it and we'll do better.”