Over six weeks after surviving his horror fireball crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix, ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is finally able to remove the dressings off his injured hands.

The former Haas driver suffered an enormous crash when he speared into the barriers on the opening lap of November’s race in Bahrain, with the impact tearing his car in half before it became engulfed in flames.

While Grosjean was remarkably able to escape the burning wreckage relatively unscathed, the 34-year-old Frenchman did suffer burns on his hands.

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Grosjean’s injuries forced him to call time on his F1 career early as he missed the final two races of the season in a bid to avoid permanently damaging his hands.

Having kept fans updated on his recovery since the accident, Grosjean revealed on Tuesday via his social media accounts that he was finally able to take the dressings off his hands.

On Sunday, Grosjean had told fans that he had a whole day without the dressing on his hands.

"Full day with no dressing,” he wrote on Twitter. “Bloody hell it feels good. So easy to forget how good our bodies are when working well! Back into dressing for the night before meeting my surgeon tomorrow to check the progress!"

Following a checkup with doctors on Monday, Grosjean provided another update confirming that he had been given the all-clear to remove the bandages.

“No more dressing for my left hand,” he confirmed, accompanying the text with a line of champagne bottle emojis.

Grosjean then posted images of his unbandaged hands on social media, revealing the true extent of the burn injuries he suffered.