Sergio Perez is embracing the prospect of going up against Max Verstappen in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Perez has joined Red Bull on the back of his best F1 season to date, where he took his maiden F1 victory in Sakhir leading to a career-best fourth-place finish in the drivers' championship.

Speaking on F1’s official ‘Beyond The Grid Podcast’, Perez admitted he's fully aware of the size of the challenge he faces against Verstappen. 

“Since I knew I was coming to Red Bull I knew that I am going to be facing a big challenge which is Max. He’s a very complete driver. I’ve found no surprises to be honest – I’ve just found that he’s a very strong driver all around and it’s going to be a task, a big challenge for myself.

“But this is what I wanted. I wanted to measure against the best in the sport. So, it’s a great challenge and a great opportunity and something that I’m looking so much forward. The way I see it is that I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose in my career. I’ve been lucky enough to have a fantastic career, so whatever comes next is great.

“I don’t see why he should be worried about me or why I should be worried about him. We’ve both come here to do the best possible job.” 

Perez also gave his insight on how it is being Verstappen's teammate so far. 

“He’s a very chilled guy. No political things going on around him,” Perez added. “He just enjoys driving and we’ve had good fun in the couple of times we’ve spent together.

“We’ve done a lot of [PR] together. It’s been non-stop! We’ve spent two days together doing stuff for media and it’s been just enjoyable. Max is just a young guy that enjoys life and gets on with the driving.”

The 2021 F1 season kicks off in Bahrain on March 26-28.