Two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso has delayed the publication of his planned autobiography until after his career ends so he can reveal “my own truth of things”.

Alonso’s autobiography, which is titled ‘Racer’, was originally due to be published at the end of 2018 but was delayed after the Spaniard decided to continue racing at events such as the Le Mans 24 Hours, Indy 500 and Dakar Rally.

Having returned to F1 this season with the rebranded Alpine squad following a two-year hiatus from the sport, Alonso has now revealed it will not be released until after he retires. ‘Racer’ currently has a pre-order release date of 30 September 2021.

Speaking in an Instagram live with Alpine ahead of this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, Alonso said: “I've been working on a book for a couple of years already. I planned originally to send it out in 2018 when I left F1.

“And then we postponed it for quite some time now because I realised that I kept racing in different categories and am now back in F1.

“So I will do it when I stop, and I can tell my own experiences and my own truth of things.

“Because if the book comes out while I'm racing, then maybe it's a little bit strange. So I prefer to finish and then tell my experience in life in motor racing.”

Alonso’s autobiography is expected to address his rivalry and subsequent fallout with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in 2007, as well as the infamous ’Crashgate’ scandal at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, which he won after Renault teammate Nelson Piquet Jr deliberately crashed to trigger a Safety Car period.