The seven-time world champion endured a miserable weekend in Monaco as he saw his 14-point championship lead turn into a four-point deficit to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Hamilton lacked confidence and grip in his car as he struggled to seventh in qualifying, while in the race a poor strategy call from Mercedes resulted in him being overcut by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez and Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel. He eventually took seventh as Verstappen claimed his second victory of the season to move into the lead of the F1 world championship for the first time in his career.

F1 2021 | Monaco GP Review | Verstappen fights back!

Hamilton’s frustration was evident throughout the weekend, having initially said he was planning “tough discussions” after Mercedes “completely missed the ball” with his qualifying set-up.

Failure to make up ground in the race led to a series of irate radio messages before Hamilton later admitted that Mercedes had fallen short of its high standards in Monaco.

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While Brawn felt Hamilton’s agitated outbursts were understandable, he believes it highlighted that he is not used to being on the back foot.

“Lewis was clearly agitated with the way his weekend was going in Monaco and that frustration boiled over in the race, when he was unhappy with how his strategy was playing out,” said Brawn in his latest post-race column for the official F1 website.

“He’s a fierce competitor, so it should be expected that he will get frustrated when things don’t go his way. He has rarely had to experience this, so he’s a bit out of practice in handling these things.

“Yes, he was pretty robust but when he reflects on this weekend, I’m sure he will look at it differently. Mercedes and Lewis have been together for a long time – and know each other well – so they will get over it. It won’t be an issue.”

Red Bull capitalised on Mercedes’ woes to move into the lead of both world championships for the first time in the hybrid era.

Brawn reckons the result will act as great encouragement for Red Bull in what is shaping up to be a long and intense title race.

“Max and Red Bull were in top form in Monaco,” Brawn added. “I don’t know what would have happened in qualifying if it had run its full course and whether or not Max might have taken pole – but in the race, he was imperious.

“Mercedes won’t have off weekends very often so Red Bull can’t rely on these gifts from their rivals. But if Red Bull are to stand a chance of winning the titles this year, it’s vital that they take their opportunities – and they did just that in Monaco as Mercedes struggled.

“This championship fight is going to be tooth and nail and come down to a few points here, a few points there. But to see a 30-point swing in their favour, with Red Bull now leading the constructors’ championship by a single point, is very encouraging for the team.”