The branding has been pulled by Ferrari’s main sponsor Philip Morris starting at this weekend’s French Grand Prix, resulting in its SF21 car sporting a plainer livery during opening practice at Paul Ricard.

Mission Winnow branding first appeared on Ferrari’s F1 cars in 2018 after the initiative was started by Philip Morris as part of a move to promote a non-tobacco future.

In order to avoid controversy and scrutiny about whether or not it has breached tobacco advertising laws, Philip Morris has opted to remove the Mission Winnow logo from Ferrari’s cars and team wear at times.

The branding did not feature at all during 2020 and was also absent at several races across the 2019 season.

Riccardo Parino, Mission Winnow’s Vice President of Partnerships and Engagement Programmes at Philip Morris, cited “mistrust and an abundance of sceptiscm towards our industry” when he confirmed the decision.

“The Mission Winnow logo will not be featured on the Scuderia Ferrari livery during races in the EU, starting with the French Grand Prix this weekend,” Parino said in a statement.

“Mission Winnow respects all laws and regulations and continuously strives to find distinctive ways to drive dialogue, free of ideology, and build strong partnerships that are rooted in shared values.

“We acknowledge the mistrust and abundance of scepticism towards our industry.

“However, our intention is not to create controversy around the application of the logo but rather focus on re-framing global conversations, building communities, and supporting innovative ideas that drive positive change.”