As he took the chequered flag at the Red Bull Ring, Verstappen slowed down and did some burnouts across the line.

Masi expressed his dissatisfaction after the race and said the celebration “will not be tolerated” in the future.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, Alonso questioned why the stewards didn’t investigate Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly for allegedly leaving the track at Turn 1 on the opening lap when the trio was battling for position.

“I like when you can be yourself,” said Alonso. “This burnout, I think it was nice to watch. Even the doughnuts sometimes in Abu Dhabi, I think the fans, they like that, and you see a lot of videos from those moments on social media.

“I think the FIA should police more the track limits. In turn one I was the only one making a move into turn one at the start and the two cars that I overtook they missed turn one and the exit in front of me.

“And for example, there is no warnings on that and there is on the burn-out. So there are things that for sure we can improve for the fans’ point of view.”

Verstappen dismissed Masi’s criticism in the pre-weekend press conference, insisting that he made sure his burnout was done in a safe manner.