Schumacher, the son of seven-time F1 world champion Michael, has been regularly spotted checking out rival teams’ cars in parc ferme this season, including after the Styrian Grand Prix. 

But the German insists it is not a trait he has picked up from his fellow countryman and friend Sebastian Vettel, who has acted as something of a mentor to Schumacher during his rookie F1 season. 

“It is something that I have been doing since karting, really,” Schumacher explained.

“It is always good to know, especially how the tyres look on other cars, and to see if I can understand and learn from that.

“Tyres are like an open book, they will show you every little mistake and every little detail or other cars and also of my car. So inspecting other cars is always a part of that and I will for sure keep doing that.

“Because parc ferme at the end is when I would get closest to another car. I can’t walk in anybody’s garage and say, ‘Hi there, I am just going to check out your car and then leave’. 

“So, definitely, it’s a good place to look at it.”

Despite enduring a tough first season in F1 in uncompetitive, under-developed machinery at Haas, Schumacher has impressed his team with his positive attitude and strong work ethic. 

“I’m relatively happy how it’s going,” Schumacher said. “Performance-wise it’s tough but nonetheless we managed to get our way around it, we work really well together.

“I do enjoy my time here, so much that it’s easy for me to come early to work and leave work late, just because it’s so enjoyable.

“It really reflects also in our performance. That’s really what what is important to me, the hard work will pay off at some point and it already does.”