Vettel was excluded from the results and stripped of his second-place finish in Sunday’s race after the FIA could only remove 0.3 litres of fuel from the German’s Aston Martin.

F1’s technical regulations state that competitors must ensure that 1.0 litres of fuel should be left in the tank for a post-race sample. 

Aston Martin contends that 1.74 litres of fuel should have been in the car after the race, meaning there would have still been 1.44 litres in the tank following the FIA’s 0.3s sample.

As a result, the British-based squad has reason to believe it could successfully have Vettel re-instated into the results. Aston Martin subsequently notified the stewards that it intends to protest the decision.

“The FIA Technical Department representatives were asked by the stewards to seal and impound car five until such time as the notice of appeal is received or the FIA International Court of Appeal makes any determinations as relevant,” the stewards confirmed.

“In making this determination, Aston Martin hereby declare that the removal of the various components to safely transport car five to the FIA facility in no way compromises the evidence and has no impact upon the matter being appealed.”

An Aston team statement on social media said: “The 18 points loss is disappointing for the team, but it doesn't take away from an otherwise flawless drive from Sebastian.

"Today we showed that our car has strong race pace. Onwards and upwards.”

The result has lifted Lewis Hamilton up to second behind race-winner Esteban Ocon and means the seven-time world champion has extended his title lead over Max Verstappen to eighth points.

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has picked up his fourth career podium in third place.