Russell scored Williams’ first podium since 2017 after the race at Spa-Francorchamps was called off following two laps of running behind the Safety Car in wet conditions. 

The Mercedes-backed driver starred in qualifying, putting his Williams second on the grid alongside Max Verstappen

Even though there was no actual green flag racing and thus, half points were awarded, Capito admits it would have been “sad” if Williams wasn’t rewarded for its impressive showing on Saturday in qualifying.

“The team did a fantastic job and I would have been so sad for the team if today would have been no race after doing a great job on the Saturday and then do not get rewarded for that,” Capito said. “I think that would have also not been really nice to the team, so I’m really happy for the team. 

“They worked so hard, they worked so hard all year and improving from race-to-race. We’ve got a good spirit and atmosphere and I think it comes at the right time.”

With the race classification being based on just two laps behind the Safety Car, Capito accepts it’s a strange circumstance to finish on the podium. 

“No of course not, it was foreseeable how it would develop,” Capito added. “But I think the weather conditions are so bad and for the safety of the drivers, it was impossible to do a normal race.

“I think the FOM and the FIA did exactly what was needed to do to be safe for the drivers and still having a race, whether you can call it a race, but still having a result. Of course with the position we were in, we are absolutely happy that it was like this, and having the first podium after many years is absolutely outstanding. 

“Of course it’s a bit of a strange feeling to get a podium like this, but finally a podium is a podium. It was a great job yesterday so I feel it was deserved.”