Gasly ran a lonely race to fourth, finishing a lap behind race winner Max Verstappen.

The Frenchman starred in qualifying after beating both Ferrari drivers and he maintained that advantage on race day.

“P4 for us is a small win, for AlphaTauri,” he said. “Finishing in front of both Ferraris, both McLarens and right behind the three cars of the top teams. It’s been a fantastic performance, strong qualifying, very good start, very good pace through all the race and a perfect weekend for us.

“The last ten laps were a bit long. Whole middle part of the race was all about managing Charles behind and the gap. Team was really worried with the tyres so asked me to slow down the entire time which was a bit annoying. But I told them ‘okay just do my thing and then we'll be fine’, and in the end it was fine. It was just very enjoyable to be in that position to have the performance to just push when I wanted and exactly do what I wanted inside the car.

“So a lot of positives to take from this weekend and it's exciting for all the races until the end of the year.”

Gasly’s main highlight of the race came when battling two-time champion Fernando Alonso.

He pulled off a spectacular pass around the outside of Turn 1.

Reflecting on the move, Gasly says he wanted to “surprise” Alonso.

“At the same time I knew Fernando fighting us in the championship will make my life quite hard,” Gasly explained. “But the previous lap I was so strong into turn one, I saw I gained so much time and almost tried something without really wanting to do it and that next lap I was really far, just sort of surprised him. I don't think he expected me to go around the outside there.

“So I just thought okay, I'll give it a shot, try to surprise [him] and yeah, I think it was a nice one. I really enjoyed it and I don't think he expected me to go there.”

Gasly was then asked if he’d have done the same move on a less experienced driver, where he replied: “I think it would have done the same. But even on Fernando, he’s a tough one to fight and I could not come with just a normal overtake and just go on the inside because he would have defended.

“So I think that was a nice move and it allowed me to get some free air after that and open the gap on Charles so it was important to make it up.”