F1 trialled its sprint race format for the second time this season at Monza.

The race was fairly uneventful with limited on-track overtakes as Valtteri Bottas beat Max Verstappen at Monza.

Despite the lack of action, Brawn defended the format, claiming there was “plenty of action”.

“The whole weekend is evolving, we've got a three-stage event,” Brawn said. “We've got quite a different complexion on the race tomorrow than we thought we had after qualifying on Friday. So I think it's great in that respect.

“A little bit quiet at the front of the grid, but then you get that at races anyway. Plenty of action in the middle. Plenty of action at the start, we had a very exciting start. So I think it's added to it, I think it's added to the whole thing.”

With the current format, the sprint race is used to determine the grid for the main grand prix, with very few points handed out on a Saturday.

Brawn has mooted a potential “standalone” race that would take place on Saturdays, separate from the main grand prix, with the topic of reverse grids potentially being discussed again in the future.

“We had a session with the drivers after Silverstone and I must say they were very positive, but some of them felt there should be more reward for the sprint, there should be more jeopardy in the sprint, and I think if we’re doing that then maybe a standalone event is a consideration,” Brawn added.

“So I think qualifying on a Friday, race on a Sunday, but a standalone event with some decent reward but maybe a little bit of jeopardy in the grid of how you start it. But we have to be conscious, we don’t want gimmicks, we don’t want an artificial, we don’t want to cannibalise, we don’t want to affect the integrity, there’s a definitely potential there.”

Brawn believes if there was a greater reward in terms of championship points, there would be more action at the front of the field.

“I think it would have to, for drivers to fight hard, you’d have to have some decent reward,” Brawn explained. “But I think what you want is some battle between the guys at the front of the gird. If you move the guys at the front of the grid back a bit, they’re fighting each other, we’re not talking about a raffle.”