The incident occurred on Lap 26 of Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix as Hamilton and Verstappen fought for position at the Variante del Rettifilo and came together in a dramatic collision.

Verstappen had been trying to pull off a move of Hamilton at Turn 1 after the seven-time world champion came out of the pits following his first stop.

The championship leader held the outside line, which became the inside for the chicane, and kept his foot in before bouncing over the sausage kerbs and on top of Hamilton’s Mercedes, wiping both drivers out.

“That’s what you get when you don’t leave the space,” fumed Verstappen over team radio.

Replays showed Verstappen’s rear wheel bouncing off the Halo on Hamilton’s car, as F1’s cockpit safety device protected Hamilton from harm.

With both drivers beached in the gravel trap at the exit of Turn 1, the Safety Car was called with Daniel Ricciardo leading for McLaren.

The incident will be investigated by the stewards after the race has finished.