From 2022, all 10 teams will be forced to run a rookie driver in two different Friday practice sessions during the year.

With the reduction of pre-season testing for next year, there is little opportunity for rising stars to get some experience in F1.

The plans have been met with overwhelming support from some of the top team bosses in the paddock.

“We are fully supportive of the sporting regulations which are in place next year, that we have to do mandatory two free practice sessions with young drivers during race weekends,” McLaren boss Andreas Seidl said.

“In addition to the young driver testing we have post-season because it’s just difficult nowadays to get seating time for these young guys coming out of the junior categories and therefore it’s also our responsibility to provide that seating time. Moving forward, we would also be supportive in order to provide even more.

“What is good is if it’s mandatory for all teams because then it is fair from the sporting perspective, so I like that.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff also supports the move as it will give younger drivers crucial experience inside a team during a grand prix weekend.

“You mustn’t have any grand prix experience in that sense, so like Andreas said we need to give young drivers the opportunity to have a little bit more stress during the race weekend, have a comparison against the other guy in the garage, work with the team, and I very much welcome the regulations for next year,” Wolff added.

Red Bull has been key in giving junior drivers opportunities with its sister team, AlphaTauri - formerly Toro Rosso.

Giving his view, Christian Horner explained: “Yeah, at Red Bull we do a huge amount to give youth a chance and I think that applies not just to the drivers. It’s a good thing, anything that gives young drivers an opportunity to get some time. You hope that it’s based on merit rather than finance available, but I think it’s a positive thing to ensure that young drivers are getting a chance.”