The Anglo-Thai driver is returning to the F1 grid next year with Williams after spending this year on the sidelines as Red Bull’s reserve and test driver. 

Albon was dropped by Red Bull at the end of his first full season with the team, having previously replaced the struggling Pierre Gasly to become Max Verstappen’s teammate in a direct seat swap just 12 races into his rookie season in 2019. 

Speaking as a guest on the latest episode of the F1 Nation podcast, Albon rejected suggestions about the way Red Bull operates as a team.

“I think there is a misconception about it, truthfully speaking,” Albon said. 

“I think there is of course that villain role played, I think within the media about it all.  But it’s definitely nowhere near like that, basically.”

Albon stressed the “misconception” is simply a result of Red Bull’s winning culture and desire to succeed. 

The 25-year-old also believes the way Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko is portrayed is unfair. 

“You guys [the media] know more than I do, I think Helmut probably gets the worst role on the global side of it, but I think it’s just Red Bull in general,” Albon added.

“You have to realise they’re a winning team. They expect good results. It’s the culture within the team, if we’re not winning, we’re not happy, and that’s kind of how it should be really.

“Especially, the top three teams - generally being Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, that’s kind of what they expect.

“Of course it is tough, especially when you don’t have much experience to be in a top, top team. But that is what it is. More than anything, it’s just trying to get confident with the car.