The Red Bull driver is locked in an intense duel with Hamilton to win this year’s world championship, with the seven-time world champion currently holding a two-point advantage heading into this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix. 

Despite the close nature of their battle, Verstappen insists the way he approaches each weekend will not change with just seven races remaining to decide which way the title will go. 

“It’s the same as always, we are very relaxed and we are very focused,” Verstappen said. “Of course we want to win, the whole team wants to win, so that mentality is definitely there. 

“But there is nothing you can force or stress about, because we always want to do the best we can anyway. So that’s of course what we’ll try to do again this weekend.”

When informed that the title race will be over in just 10 weeks, Verstappen jokingly quipped: “Yeah I know but honestly I don’t think about it too much. I just know when I have to race so I’ll be there!” 

Asked how he is able to remain so calm despite knowing he could claim his maiden F1 title, Verstappen said: “I always do my best and I know the team is always doing the best they can. 

"If that’s going to be, at the end of the year first, then that’s an amazing achievement and that’s what we work for, right? 

“But I think even if we finish second we will have had a great season and at the end of the day it’s not going to change my life. 

“I enjoy what I’m doing and I think that is also very important. For me there is not much to worry about, really.” 

While Verstappen acknowledged it would be an amazing achievement for him and Red Bull to end Mercedes’ run of domination in F1, he sees no reason to apply additional pressure. 

“You shouldn’t really stress,” Verstappen explained. 

“I know that my team does the best they can and they expect that from me and I always try to get the best out of that. 

“So we are fully committed of course to try and make this success together, but you cannot force things. 

“You just have to work well and work hard together and then we will find out at the end of the season where that will put us. Is it first, or is it second? We don’t know.”