For the first time in his F1 career, Perez arrives at his home race with a genuine shot of competing for victory and becoming the first Mexican driver to win their country’s grand prix. 

But there have been suggestions that Red Bull would order Perez to move aside for Max Verstappen if he found himself leading his teammate in Sunday’s race. 

Perez is out of title contention, while Verstappen goes into the weekend leading Lewis Hamilton by 12 points with five races remaining and 133 points left up for grabs. 

“I think it will be a great problem to have from my side,” Perez said of the prospect of potentially being asked to give up a win for Verstappen. 

“It always depends on the situation, because most of the decisions are usually taken during the race and the heat of the event. I think depending on the circumstances, we’ll see. 

“But I’m pretty sure that the whole team, Red Bull, everyone wants me to win this weekend.”

Asked whether he truly believes Red Bull would allow him to win if such a scenario unfolded, Perez replied: "I think everyone is so enthusiastic, everyone in my team, the crowd, it’s a very special venue for us. 

“It’s a very intense fight but we’ll see during the race. I’m pretty sure everyone in the team, if there’s a race they want me to win, it’s this one. 

“I’m sure I have full support from everyone in my team.” 


Perez insists he sees no reason to discuss the matter internally with Red Bull before qualifying has taken place. 

“I don’t see much point in discussing that now,” he said. “I think we will probably see where we are on Saturday before having that conversation. 

“There’s no guarantee that we are going to be in that position. I think it will be a great problem to have as a team, but right now we haven’t discussed anything.

And Perez is looking to follow up his recent upswing in form that has seen him collect back-to-back podiums with an improved showing in qualifying. 

“I really want to carry on my form,” he explained. “I’m feeling more at home now with the team and the car, and I really hope I can put a great Saturday [together], because here overtaking is generally very hard. 

“We put a lot of demand on the brakes and the engines, so it’s always a very tricky race if you are not at the front. So I look forward  to putting together a good qualifying.”