Mercedes representatives were summoned to the stewards on Friday night after qualifying after an issue was referred by FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer following a post-season inspection of Hamilton’s W12. 

Bauer noted the “requirement for the maximum of 85mm, when the DRS system is deployed and tested in accordance with TD/011-19, were not fulfilled” on Hamilton’s car. 

Hamilton comfortably outpaced F1 title rival Max Verstappen in Friday qualifying at Interlagos to claim first place on the grid for Saturday’s sprint, but he remains under investigation. 

Over three hours after Hamilton’s car was initially referred to the stewards, the FIA confirmed the hearing had been adjourned until Saturday morning in Brazil. 

The rear wing assembly on Hamilton’s car has been impounded under seal by the FIA until the investigation can resume. 

“The Stewards hereby order the Technical Delegate to supervise the removal of the rear wing assembly of Car 44, and to impound this part under seal,” the stewards noted. 

“Further, the Technical Delegate is to supervise the transition of Car 44 into overnight conditions, permitting only those actions needed to store the car.” 

The nature of the additional evidence the stewards are waiting on is not known.

In the hours after qualifying, video footage surfaced on social media of Verstappen appearing to touch the rear wing of Hamilton’s car in parc ferme after qualifying ended. 

If Hamilton is thrown out of the official qualifying results he may have to start Saturday’s sprint from the pit lane if Mercedes is required to change his rear wing.