Brazil hosted the third and final experimental sprint event F1 has been trialing this season in a bid to try and increase entertainment and add an element of jeopardy into grand prix weekends. 

After a successful introduction, F1 is set to expand the sprint event to a total of six events next year and is in discussions with teams and the FIA over how the format can be further improved. 

And Brawn believes Interlagos showcased the best sprint event yet, with Lewis Hamilton making up 15 positions in just 24 laps as he charged from 20th to fifth. 

“Saturday’s F1 Sprint was, in my view, the best one of the three,” Brawn wrote in his latest column for the official F1 website. 

“It had plenty of action, with loads of battles – including Lewis carving his way through the field. It was a great Saturday afternoon of entertainment, an appetiser for the main course on Sunday.

“We had a fabulous Friday, too, with a dramatic qualifying session. It can never be underestimated how much of an impact the Sprint has on a Friday. With only one hour of practice, it creates some jeopardy heading into the rest of the weekend, as the teams are not as prepared as they can be.

“We think the foundations are very strong for the Sprint and will be presenting more details of our plans for six events in 2022 in the coming weeks in discussions with the FIA and the teams.

“There are things we need to tweak but Brazil showed the Sprint is a great addition to the weekend and has made Friday, Saturday and Sunday big moments that are exciting for all of us.” 

Brawn also praised Hamilton’s stunning comeback victory after the seven-time world champion impressively recovered from his qualifying disqualification to win Sunday’s grand prix, having hunted down and passed title rival Max Verstappen. 

“Mercedes had a stunning car this weekend and when you get someone of Lewis’ calibre with a car like that, he’s unstoppable,” Brawn said. “I’ve seen Lewis do that several times. And it’s impressive each time.

“He had a moment with Max, which everyone will have a different perspective on. There were no dramatic risks. He dealt with the setbacks of an engine change and his disqualification from qualifying clinically and it was by far the performance of the weekend.

“Racing drivers are brought up dealing with these challenges. From the beginning they get in a car, they know the way it works, they know the way the rules are. They must get used to the setbacks not all under their control. 

“They can turn negatives into positives – and Lewis did just that this weekend.”