Red Bull believes Mercedes has a potentially illegal design, with team principal Christian Horner drawing attention to “score marks” on the endplate under the rear wing on the W12. 

Mercedes denied the suggestion before Red Bull circulated images that it claims shows evidence of unusual scuff marks to TV broadcasters on Friday at the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix.

"I can't see anything on this photo other than stuff being scratched - a ghost," Wolff told the media on Saturday after qualifying.

"I don't know where they got this photo from and what it shows. It's a ghost.”

The FIA has introduced more stringent rear wing load at this weekend’s race in Qatar amid increasing pressure from a suspicious Red Bull. 

Following qualifying, Horner claimed the new tests had brought the significant straightline speed advantage Mercedes enjoyed in Brazil back “under control” around the Losail International Circuit. 

Wolff downplayed concerns over the tests, which Horner estimated would see around 70-80kg of load get added to the back of the rear wing. 

"I think they are trying a new load test, also for next year, to have these things more robust and checking how much a wing deflects," Wolff explained. "I think it is not in the regulations or a TD but more of an experiment.

"But it will be interesting to see the results, because I think we are on the good side. But I am pre-empting because I don't know what the results are or when they want to do it. We need to find out with the garage.”

Red Bull threatened to lodge a protest against Mercedes if it saw any signs of what it believes to be illegal rear wing activity across the remaining three races of the season. 

Wolff said Mercedes remains relaxed about the prospect of a potential protest, describing Red Bull’s accusations as “erratic”. 

"I don't know what they are planning to do, but as I said, I can't keep up,” he said. 

“I can't follow their thinking. It seems erratic. But that's OK because I don't want to put any more oil in the flames. We are trying to look at ourselves and do the best possible job. 

“We are still on the back foot with 14 points and we need to do a good race. That's what counts."

Asked if he is totally convinced he is in a fair fight for the title, championship leader Max Verstappen paused, before replying: “It’s difficult to know, of course, fully. 

“Also, not only what is moving forwards but of course what has been now already done and raced with in the previous races. 

“But yeah, I mean, we have footage from it so these things can get highlighted but let’s just hope that we’re going to have a good battle to the end.”