Despite a lengthy discussion with FIA race director Michael Masi in Friday’s drivers’ briefing ahead of the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said it was still “not clear” as to what is and is not acceptable. 

The debate followed a row over Max Verstappen’s defensive move against Hamilton as the title rivals battled for the lead last weekend in Brazil. While Verstappen disagreed with Hamilton’s view after qualifying in Qatar, many other drivers flagged up the same concerns. 

And Wolff is worried the lack of clarity could open the door for further controversy in the title run-in over the remaining three races. 

“I think it’s very dangerous because what happened yesterday and in Brazil is kicking the ball in the high grass and hoping the ball disappears,” Wolff said.

“If we have a controversial situation in any of the three races that are to come, can you imagine the polarisation and controversy it would create simply because it wasn’t clearly formulated?”

“I would have wished that, even if the outcome was negative for us in Brazil in terms of the immediate judgement, I would have taken that if the consequent analysis would have been, ‘that’s not on’. 

“Because I think that would have been easier for everybody, for the next races.”

There have been fresh calls for F1 to introduce a permanent panel of stewards to avoid inconsistencies when ruling over incidents, but Wolff is unsure if that is the way forward. 

“I think we had good stewards in Brazil,” he explained. “I very much rate Tim Mayer, who was the head steward there. I think it was just the circumstances were bizarre. 

“They are under so much pressure taking the right decision and I wouldn’t want to say about any stewards that they are good or bad because I wouldn’t want to be in that stewards’ seat because somebody is always going to complain and the other side is always going to be quiet.

“I think being a steward is a professional job and it should be well-paid, the pressure should be rewarded. Whether it’s a permanent institution, I don’t know.

“But in any case, the best people should be doing that and I think we’ve seen many good stewards and I still trust in any outcome.”