Verstappen’s view of Mercedes/Hamilton changed ‘not in a positive way’

Max Verstappen says his opinion of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes has changed “not in a positive way” over the course of their season-long battle for the Formula 1 world championship. 
Verstappen’s view of Mercedes/Hamilton changed ‘not in a positive way’

Verstappen previously hit out at Hamilton and Mercedes for the way they celebrated victory at the British Grand Prix while he was sat in hospital following a 51G shunt after first-lap contact with Hamilton. 

At the time, the Red Bull driver claimed it showed who Hamilton and Mercedes “really are”

Asked if his view on Mercedes and Hamilton had changed amid their intense title battle, Verstappen replied: “Yes, very much so. And not in a positive way.”

Verstappen and Hamilton enter the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix level on points, setting up a winner-takes-all contest for the world championship. 

The pair have clashed several times this season, including at the last race in Saudi Arabia as Hamilton eventually came out on top. 

Speaking on Thursday in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen claimed he has been “treated differently” to other drivers regarding F1’s racing rules and feels the penalties handed out to him in Jeddah were unfair. 

The Dutchman said he would congratulate Hamilton in the event the Mercedes driver wins a record-breaking eighth title “if everything goes fair”. 

Asked in the later press conference if he would consider sitting down with Hamilton to discuss how they will go racing before Sunday’s showdown, Verstappen replied: “I don’t think we need to sit down. We are both here to win. 

“I will do of course everything to win and win the championship, whatever is necessary in terms of points. 

"I think we have raced really well together the whole year and I think we have put on a great show for everyone at the end of the day. So hopefully we can do that here.” 

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