Zanardi leaves hospital 18 months after hand bike crash

Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi has been released from hospital and returned home over a year after his life-threatening handbike crash in Italy. 
Zanardi leaves hospital 18 months after hand bike crash

The two-time CART champion and gold-medal winning Paralympian suffered serious head injuries when he collided with a truck while riding his handbike during a road race in Tuscany in June 2020. 

Zanardi has undergone several operations and received care at a specialist facility since the accident. 

After 18 months, the 55-year-old Italian has finally been able to return home where he will partly continue his rehabilitation. 

“An important step was that Alex was able to leave hospital a few weeks ago and is back at home with us now,” his wife, Daniela, confirmed in an update. 

“We had to wait very long for this and are very happy that it was possible now, even if there are still temporary stays in special clinics planned for the future to carry out special rehabilitation measures on site.

She added: “The recovery continues to be a long process

“The rehabilitation programme led by doctors, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists has enabled steady progress.

“Of course, setbacks are there and can still occur. Sometimes you also have to make two steps back in order to make one step forward. But Alex proves again and again that he is a real fighter.”

On the expectations for Zanardi’s recovery, Daniela continued: “You still can’t predict how his recovery will further develop. It is still a long and challenging way that Alex tackles with a lot of fighting spirit. 

“It is a big help for him and us that we receive so much support on this way, not only from the doctors and therapists that intensively work with him. Our friends are always there for us. This includes the BMW Group family which we can always count on and that is firmly at our side also in this difficult time.

"We are very grateful to everyone for that and for so much more because these strong ties give us additional energy. This also goes for the continued sympathy we receive from racing drivers, fans and acquaintances from all over the world.

"We would like to express a big 'Grazie' to all who send their good thoughts and power to Alex.”

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