A new package of technical and sporting regulations has been designed with the aim of bringing the field closer together and producing better racing from 2022 following the introduction of a brand new car with simplified aerodynamics. 

There are some concerns the rules overhaul could inadvertently result in one-team domination - as seen in 2009 with Brawn or 2014 with Mercedes - but McLaren boss Brown is confident the changes will make things more competitive. 

“I’d be very surprised if next year was a boring campaign with the new cars,” he said. 

“I think we’ll get some winners and losers, some surprises. I’d be surprised if there was dominance.

“You could get a team that is maybe dominant for a small period of time like Brawn was when they figured out something in 2009.

“But I think with the cost cap in place, you can feel the tension that’s put on the teams of, when you stop developing the car at the expense of next year, etc. So I’d be surprised if the field didn’t continue to get closer.” 

F1 had its first last-race title decider since 2016 last season as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battled it out for the world championship in the Abu Dhabi finale, with Verstappen going on to clinch his maiden drivers’ crown. 

And Brown is hopeful F1’s new regulations for 2022 will help more teams and drivers find themselves in with a shot of title glory come Abu Dhabi.

“My hopes are we go to Abu Dhabi with three or four cars that compete for the championship, I think that’s the ultimate goal,” he added. 

“I think the year’s been spectacular up and down the grid and I hope what’s been put in place with the new car designs, new aero package, that what we’ve seen now is just a taste of the future.