'That is a life saved' - F2 driver survives horrific crash thanks to Halo

The Halo cockpit protection device ensured DAMS driver Roy Nissany was able to exit his car unscathed after a crash with Red Bull F1 junior Dennis Hauger.
'That is a life saved' - F2 driver survives horrific crash thanks to Halo

Nissany pushed Hauger off the track on the run down to Club corner in the final part of the Silverstone circuit on Lap 1 of the F2 feature race on Sunday morning.

Hauger picked up a puncture in the process meaning he had no control over his Prema car, running over the grass before being catapulted up into the air by the sausage kerb.

His car was sent airborne and crashed onto the top of Nissany, before both cars stopped in the gravel trap.

F2 commentator Tom Gaymor exclaimed live on air: “That is a life saved”.

Had the safety device not been in place, Nissany might have not been able to walk away from that crash.

The Halo was introduced for the start of the 2018 F1 season despite heavy criticism.

However, it has been integral in protecting drivers, most notably Romain Grosjean at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix.

It also protected seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton during his crash with title rival Max Verstappen at Monza last year, when the Dutchman’s Red Bull was launched onto the top of Hamilton, even hitting his helmet in the process. 

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