Even if sim racing doesn’t always appeal to our purist motorsport hearts, there is still plenty of enjoyment to be had from the madder moments that occasionally occur.

Whether it’s Lando Norris’ persistent glitching during the F1 Virtual Grand Prix series or the wild high-sides that get the MotoGP riders all animated in their Stay At Home races, if you’re not watching Esports for the quality then you can get a giggle from the crazy.

However, of the many motorsport Esports events currently occurring in lieu of the real thing at the moment, Formula E has raised the bar for the most bizarre of accidents.

During the Race at Home challenge involving the official Formula E drivers, Pascal Wehrlein scampered away to victory on the short configuration of the Monaco ePrix circuit.

However, it was the bizarre – and, frankly, hilarious – incident behind that got the headlines as an innocuous turn one spin created a concertina reaction behind involving nearly every driver as they bumped and bashed into one another, causing Mitch Evans to ride on top of Edoardo Mortara's car for the duration of the straight down to the hairpin.

Arguably earning the title of – as Formula E put it – the longest crash in racing history, while Esports have come a long way to simulating the real thing, this is definitely one for the blooper reel...

Of course, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen in real life… or would it? Check out this eerily similar accident at the start of an actual WTCR race around the streets of Vila Real in Portugal which caused every single car competing to sustain damage…