The Simple Green CART Safety Team that accompanies the CART FedEx Championship Series to each event is recognised worldwide as one of the best safety teams in all of motorsports.

The Safety Team has long been a leader in developing and implementing equipment and procedures that make racing events as safe as possible for the competitors, and a few recent developments have once again solidified the team's leadership position.

CART chief orthopaedic consultant Dr Terry Trammell was a guest of Formula One last weekend at the famed Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo, Brazil to introduce the HANS device to the drivers competing for the F1 world championship. By all accounts, Trammell's trip to Brazil was a success.

While Trammell was busy in Brazil, CART director of medical affairs Dr Steve Olvey was preparing for the University of Michigan's symposium on The Physics and Technology of Motorsports, which takes place on Wednesday 10 April in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Olvey and Paul Stanecki of Ford Motor Company will make a presentation on the Ford 'Blue Box' and the data it provides to the CART Safety Team.

Also expected at the symposium are three-time CART FedEx Championship Series champion Bobby Rahal, Formula One world champion Jackie Stewart, HANS device inventor Dr Robert Hubbard and General Motors motorsports safety consultant Dr John Melvin.

In other safety-related news, a mobile Intensive Care Unit-known as a 'LSTAT' system will be on display at next weekend's Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. The system fits inside an ambulance, jet, or helicopter and provides the same monitoring and therapeutic capabilities as a modern Intensive Care Unit in a hospital.

The system was just installed in Air Force One and they are also being used by the US military in Afghanistan. It is currently being evaluated by the Simple Green CART Safety Team.

One other item of interest is the new 'ImPact' system that was introduced to the CART FedEx Championship Series in February during CART Sneak Preview at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The system provides accurate pre- and post-evaluation of head injuries and is used by all but one team in the National Football League, as well as several National Hockey League teams. CART is the first motorsports organisation to use the system.