Team members from Penske's Indy Racing League team are busy going head-to-head with fellow crewman from NASCAR and the NHRA in a special racing-themed episode of the hit US television show Junkyard Wars.

The program, similar to the UK's Scrapheap Challenge, aims to pit(!) the three teams against one another in a series of races using cars they have 'created' from materials found in a California Scrap Yard.

Penske Racing are representing the Indy Racing League in a special pit crew challenge this weekend at Irwindale Speedway in California that will be taped for an upcoming episode of the program "Junkyard Wars" on The Learning Channel (TLC).

Crewmembers will build racecars from old car parts and junkyard scraps and will contest their creations on a drag strip, road course and half-mile oval to determine which team can conquer three different forms of motorsports.

TLC will tape a two-hour special for their weekly Emmy-nominated series, "Junkyard Wars," to air in spring 2003. "Junkyard Wars" gives fabrication teams 10 hours to create the most successful contraption to complete specified tasks with parts they locate and recover out of a junkyard.

The first three days of the competition is taking place at the "Junkyard Wars" set in Sun Valley, California. Starting on Friday, teams will scavenge for parts and collect them to build and test their creations. The final safety check occurs on Sunday.

Teams will compete against each other in two different one-eighth-mile drag races and a one-third mile road course for points to be applied to determine the team's starting position during the race on the Irwindale Speedway half-mile oval. All four team members will serve as drivers in the four different races.

The team winning the oval race will be declared the overall competition winner.

Penske's team will be called "The Indy Idols." Representing NHRA drag racing is a crew from Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme Racing, called "The Hot Rod Heroes." Rounding out the teams is a crew from Penske Racing South's NASCAR Winston Cup team, called "The Stock Car Stars."