Brothers always share a bond with each other that is built on trust, strength and love.

When you ask Joey Vallone, gearbox assistant for Red Bull Cheever Racing, what he shares with his younger brother, Adam, he simply replies, "Respect, but also a love for cars."

This Fourth of July weekend Red Bull Cheever Racing takes to the track at Kansas Speedway, but for Joey this American holiday means more than just racing.

Three days after graduating from high school in the summer of 2000, Joey's brother Adam Vallone volunteered for the Marines. He signed up for eight years.

"He called me up and said, 'Hey, Joey I volunteered for the Marines today," and he caught me pretty off guard," the Chicago native said. "I knew he made the right decision though, because he is fighting for what he loves."

When Joey heard the news that America was going to war in Iraq he knew his brother would be leaving soon. Sure enough, he was right. Adam's regiment was one of the first to move through Baghdad, causing a lot of anxiety for his family.

"My mom took it pretty hard," Vallone said. "The hardest thing was not being able to talk to him. I think over the eight months he was in Iraq I talked to him six times."

Adam works as a mechanic for the Marines, which should not surprise you considering the Vallone family history.

"Adam and I grew up around cars because my dad owned his own shop in Chicago," Joey said. "Cars are just something we have always known and understood. I'm glad he's doing something that he enjoys while he's away."

Adam is now stationed in Okinawa, Japan and will come home in September. It will be a homecoming his family anxiously awaits.

"I just can't wait to see him again. It's been so long with such little contact," Vallone said. "I'm sure there is going to be a lot to talk about."