The Champ Car World Series has announced that it will increase the horsepower available under the Power-to-Pass system for the final round of the season in Mexico City.

In the 13 race already run this season, drivers were able to benefit from an additional 50 horsepower for by utilising the P2P boost, which was available for 60 seconds during the course of the race.

However, for the season finale at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, drivers will benefit from double the amount of extra horsepower and will also have it available for an extra 15 seconds as the series looks towards possible changes for the 2008 campaign.

"We will analyse how a 100 horsepower Power-to-Pass feature will affect the racing so we can consider it for next year," Tony Cotman, Champ Car race director said. "The Cosworth Power-to-Pass has been very popular with the drivers, and even more so with the fans who love our racing, which features more passing than most other racing series.

"Everyone assumes if we go up another 50 horsepower, it will add even more excitement, but we've wanted to wait until now because we didn't want the experiment to affect the championship.

"Ultimately, we want the Champ Car to be the biggest, baddest machine to drive."

The Power-to-Pass function on the Cosworth XFE raises the boost pressure inside the engine at the press of the P2P button, located on the steering wheel. Once pressed, the increased boost stays in effect until the driver cracks the throttle.

"The additional horsepower in Power-to-Pass makes Champ Car racing a poker game," Cosworth's track support manager Ken Deagle said. "A driver is going to wonder how much power does he have and when does he use it? It always seems that the guy up front saves it, and the slow guy uses it to keep up.

"With 50 more horsepower than normal, it also should become less of a defensive tool."



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