Despite a brave effort to fix the car after its earlier accident, the Chamberlain Synergy team was forced out of the Le Mans 24 Hours shortly before midnight.

The team had worked miracles to repair the car after Amanda Stretton suffered an accident on her out lap earlier in the race which left the car nursing severe damage before she managed to bring the car back to pitlane.

Although the team managed to get the car back on track, despite being unsure of what had caused the accident, the Lola was suffering from an engine problem which proved to be terminal as Stretton returned to the pits shortly before the nine hour mark with lap-times having risen above four-minutes per tour.

"The engine issues have crept up on us," Stretton's husband Bob Berridge reflected. "The guy's did well to fix the damage from the accident and also sorted some other stuff out and we decided to soldier on. However, it's only getting worse and we've been forced to park up."