Soon-to-be MotoGP rider Remy Gardner has been crowned the new Moto2 World Champion after finishing tenth during today’s Valencia Grand Prix.

The Australian had to finish no lower than 13th to become champion if team-mate Raul Fernandez won 

As expected, Fernandez held up his part of the bargain by beating Fabio Di Giannantonio and Augusto Fernandez to victory, while Gardner was put through all kinds of pressure lower down the order.

Gardner, who started eighth, was immediately relegated to ninth, before quick back-to-back moves from Jorge Navarro and Sam Lowes saw him drop to 11th. 

While you could visually see Gardner riding tight throughout the restarted 16 lap race - red flag brought a stop just two corners into the original race due to oil spilling onto the circuit - the 23 year-old managed to keep his nerve and eventually come home P10.

Although Fernandez won three races more than Gardner this season, it was the overall consistency that the latter believes won him the title.

Speaking after winning the race, Gardner added: "It’s definitely been an intense season. Raul [Fernandez] did an amazing job this year as a rookie and he really put it to me, he made me work for it for sure. 

"But it’s such an amazing season. So many podiums, so many great races, five wins. There were times where I would finish second and think it was a bad day, but you really just have to enjoy every moment. What an amazing but intense season. 

"The last quarter has been the most intense. I made a few mistakes as did Raul, but consistency was the key in the end. 

"Also, the day’s where I wasn’t able to win and Raul won, were just about finishing and getting whatever points I had. Ultimately I think that’s what got us over the line."

Unlike Fernandez who was promoted in Moto2 with arguably the best team, Gardner has had anything but an easy journey to this point.

Various injuries and unfavoured machines, particularly from 2016-19 left the Australian with the thought of quitting the sport. 

But despite those tough moments, Gardner alluded to his mindset changing for the better last year, which was crucial in giving him the platform to achieve the success he has this season.

"There’s definitely been some hard years, but last year I really managed to get my mind under control which then led to everything kind of falling into place," said Gardner. 

"Was just trying to keep positive about everything. From 2015 to 2019, they were some really tough years for me and even some points where I honestly believed that it was the end of the road. Especially after the injuries, just fighting through that was incredibly difficult."

Gardner’s title success means his father Wayne Gardner and himself are just the second father-son combo to win world titles - Kenny and Kenny Roberts jr being the others.