2024 Official Jerez Moto2 Test results - Day 3

Results from the third and final day of official 2024 Moto2 pre-season testing at Jerez, in Spain.

Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2, Jerez test, 28 February
Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2, Jerez test, 28 February

Official Moto2 pre-season testing at Jerez concludes with man-of-the-moment Fermin Aldeguer, already linked with a Pramac Ducati MotoGP seat for 2025, setting the fastest time of the week during the final session.

However, Joe Roberts and Manuel Gonzalez were both within 0.08s of the Speed Up rider, with the top seven covered by just 0.3s.

The season-opening Qatar Grand Prix takes place at Lusail next weekend.

2024 Official Jerez Moto2 Test - Friday (Session 3)
1Fermín AldeguerSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)1m 40.307s
2Joe RobertsUSAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.044s
3Manuel GonzalezSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)+0.078s
4Aron CanetSPAFantic Racing(Kalex)+0.134s
5Somkiat ChantraTHAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)+0.191s
6Marcos RamirezSPAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.200s
7Alonso LopezSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)+0.318s
8Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)+0.727s
9Jeremy AlcobaSPAYamaha VR46 Master Camp Team(Kalex)+0.813s
10Albert ArenasSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)+0.826s
11Zonta Vd GoorberghNEDRW Racing GP(Kalex)+0.843s
12Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+0.890s
13Izan GuevaraSPACFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+1.006s
14Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)+1.018s
15Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)+1.101s
16Bo BendsneyderNEDPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+1.158s
17Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+1.227s
18Jake DixonGBRCFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+1.233s
19Alex EscrigSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)+1.344s
20Jaume MasiaSPAPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+1.494s
21Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+1.652s
22Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+1.683s
23Xavi CardelusANDFantic Racing(Kalex)+1.965s
24Ayumu SasakiJPNYamaha VR46 Master Camp Team(Kalex)+2.085s
 Sergio GarciaSPAMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)No Time
 Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GP(Kalex)No Time
 Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)No Time
 Mario AjiINAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)No Time
 Xavier ArtigasSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)No Time
 Ai OguraJPNMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)No Time
2024 Official Jerez Moto2 Test - Friday (Session 2)
1Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)1m 40.437s
2Fermín AldeguerSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)+0.038s
3Joe RobertsUSAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.071s
4Aron CanetSPAFantic Racing(Kalex)+0.133s
5Alonso LopezSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)+0.182s
6Zonta Vd GoorberghNEDRW Racing GP(Kalex)+0.225s
7Ai OguraJPNMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)+0.241s
8Marcos RamirezSPAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.281s
9Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+0.364s
10Somkiat ChantraTHAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)+0.384s
11Sergio GarciaSPAMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)+0.516s
12Bo BendsneyderNEDPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+0.577s
13Manuel GonzalezSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)+0.627s
14Jeremy AlcobaSPAYamaha VR46 Master Camp Team(Kalex)+0.728s
15Jake DixonGBRCFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+0.811s
16Albert ArenasSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)+0.882s
17Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GP(Kalex)+0.909s
18Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+0.972s
19Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+1.028s
20Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+1.069s
21Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)+1.334s
22Jaume MasiaSPAPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+1.563s
23Ayumu SasakiJPNYamaha VR46 Master Camp Team(Kalex)+1.639s
24Xavi CardelusANDFantic Racing(Kalex)+1.668s
25Izan GuevaraSPACFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+1.682s
26Alex EscrigSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)+1.973s
27Xavier ArtigasSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)+3.609s
 Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)No Time
 Mario AjiINAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)No Time
 Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)No Time
2024 Official Jerez Moto2 Test - Friday (Session 1)
1Zonta VD GoorberghNEDRW Racing GP(Kalex)1m 40.794s
2Marcos RamirezSPAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.056s
3Jake DixonGBRCFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+0.078s
4Aron CanetSPAFantic Racing(Kalex)+0.086s
5Alonso LopezSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)+0.199s
6Somkiat ChantraTHAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)+0.268s
7Sergio GarciaSPAMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)+0.320s
8Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GP(Kalex)+0.343s
9Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+0.358s
10Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Ajo(Kalex)+0.367s
11Joe RobertsUSAOnlyFans American Racing Team(Kalex)+0.417s
12Manuel GonzalezSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)+0.478s
13Bo BendsneyderNEDPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+0.530s
14Jeremy AlcobaSPAYamaha VR46 Master Camp(Kalex)+0.553s
15Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)+0.558s
16Ai OguraJPNMT Helmets - MSI(Boscoscuro)+0.601s
17Fermín AldeguerSPASync SpeedUp(Boscoscuro)+0.673s
18Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+0.696s
19Izan GuevaraSPACFMOTO Aspar Team(Kalex)+0.797s
20Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing Team(Kalex)+0.927s
21Jaume MasiaSPAPertamina Mandalika GAS UP(Kalex)+1.147s
22Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)+1.286s
23Xavi CardelusANDFantic Racing(Kalex)+1.532s
24Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Kalex)+1.636s
25Ayumu SasakiJPNYamaha VR46 Master Camp(Kalex)+1.804s
26Alex EscrigSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)+1.956s
27Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing Team(Kalex)+2.001s
28Xavier ArtigasSPAKLINT Forward Factory Team(Forward)+3.688s
 Mario AjiINAIDEMITSU Honda Team Asia(Kalex)No Time
 Albert ArenasSPAQJMOTOR Gresini Moto2(Kalex)No Time

Fastest Day 2 time:   
Aron Canet 1m 40.704s (Session 1)

Fastest Day 1 time:   
Aron Canet 1m 41.136s (Session 2)

Official Jerez Moto2 records:   
Best lap: Aron Canet 1m 40.640s (2023)         
Fastest race lap: Sam Lowes 1m 41.313s (2021)

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