Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has ruled out the possibility of MotoGP returning to Spa Francorchamps in the future, describing the 4.3-mile track's ferociously high-speed layout as too dangerous for grand prix racing motorcycles.

Nathalie Maillet, the circuit director of the iconic venue, made contact with Dorna in recent months in a bid to resurrect the Belgian Grand Prix, telling local media that hosting a MotoGP event was among her long-term goals.

However, Ezpeleta poured cold water on these hopes, and acknowledged that while the circuit had been in contact with Dorna mid-way through 2016, its layout and lack of run off in certain areas made the project 'almost impossible'.

"They contacted us last summer," said the Spaniard. "But the main problem is the safety. For us it's almost impossible to homologate the circuit for MotoGP."

With the chances of a grand prix return measuring in at close to zero, Ezpeleta did refuse to rule out the possibility of the World Superbike series visiting the venue in the future.

"We were discussing a little bit for Superbike they proposed to do some works [modifications]. But for sure, for the moment 'no' for MotoGP and Superbike, we need to talk about it."

Spa was struck off the grand prix calendar ahead of the 1991 season after the circuit's final section - the infamous ribbon of tarmac that features the hair-raising Blanchemont left, taken in sixth-gear, with limited run off - was one of stretches deemed too dangerous for grand prix-spec motorcycles.

Pier Francesco Chili was extremely fortunate to survive a high-side at this very corner during practice for the 1990 event, and although the Italian made a full recovery, he was unable to race again that year.

That incident was not without precedent. The running of the 1988 premier class race was in some doubt due to a horrific collision between Martin Wimmer and Loris Reggiani four laps into the 250cc event.

Addressing other potential new additions to the calendar, Ezpeleta asserted that talks are still ongoing with circuits in Indonesia and Thailand, as Dorna seeks to expand the series further in South East Asia, a current hotbed for motorcycle sales.

Meanwhile the Finnish GP, which is to be held at the KymiRing, situated 150km from Helsinki, is more than likely to join the calendar in 2019 - not 2018, as Dorna had announced in July last year.

"We are still talking," said Ezpeleta. "The Indonesian project is continuing. They are working. We are talking also with Thailand. Buriam is another project also. We are talking with both.

"[Finland] Will most probably be 2019. They are continuing to work. We continue a relationship with them, yes. It's up to them. If they finish on time to be homologated before '18 it will be '18. If not, it will be '19."