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MotoGP 500 - Half Term School Report.
07/04/2001 - 00:00

With the MotoGP season approaching it's halfway stage at Donington Park on Sunday, here's a 'school report' on how the riders have fared so far - i

Moody's Blue: Assen painted Irish green.
07/02/2001 - 00:00

'There is life in the old dog yet' and 'Every dog has his day' were the expressions being bounded around the paddock after the three Dutch TT races

Sounds of the future.
06/27/2001 - 00:00

It may not have been quite that distinctive wail that the previous evening had brought memories flooding back of the Sixties, but the roar that reb

Moody's Blue: Ding-a-ling-a-ling! round two....
06/20/2001 - 00:00

We saw Japan, now Catalunya... so let's cut to the chase about the fight between Max and Valentino.

I have it confirmed to me how it all sta

06/14/2001 - 00:00

It was certainly fast and extremely dangerous on that main straight at Mugello. The West Honda Pons duo of Alex Barros and Loris Capirossi were tim

Village people replace car boot sale.
05/30/2001 - 00:00

When Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone visited a MotoGP paddock around ten years ago he was alleged to have commented it looked more like the s

Moody's Blue: All change.
05/23/2001 - 00:00

Motorcycle racing at the top level got just what it needed in France, with some fresh faces on the podium at either end of the spectrum. Daijiro Ka

Trainer 'martials' Barros' career turnaround.
05/17/2001 - 00:00

In March last year Alex Barros was just about hanging onto his grand prix status. The respected and experienced Brazilian's only grand prix victory

Mission One: Introducing Yamaha's awesome YZR-M1.
05/14/2001 - 00:00

Yamaha's YZR-M1 broke cover in Europe last week when riders Max Biaggi, John Kocinski, Norihiko Fujiwara and Kyoji Namba spent three days at the It

Moody's Blue: All arms and elbows.
04/16/2001 - 00:00

So the first race has already been and gone, and the gauntlets thrown down, but the trouble with these early races is that they are never a 100 per

Media mayhem as Capirossi hopes go West.
04/13/2001 - 00:00

Sixty three pages rattled through the typically efficient high speed Japanese fax into the press room at Suzuka on Sunday evening - and everyone of

Honda: 500 Motorcycle Grand Prix wins.
04/11/2001 - 00:00

Honda reached a glorious landmark with its 500th Motorcycle Grand Prix victory in Suzuka last Sunday, setting a record unmatched by any manufacture

Moody's Blue: Riding with Randy.
12/12/2000 - 00:00

I'm hardly the strongest bloke in the world, but my power-to-weight ratio is actually pretty good as living in the country and

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